A cohesive brand spans across many different areas aside from the logo. Every detail from the colours, imaging, and font choices used come together to create an iconic symbol that represents your business for years to come. For successful branding you want to ensure that all these individual elements not only come together but work in a way that truly leaves a lasting impression on your clients. This means creating a logo and overall design that best represents your business and showcases your brand. Your branding represents your business and becomes your company’s identity across all platforms; therefore, you want to ensure you are working with the right individual to develop and create the proper branding for your business's needs.

Paperclip and Co can help get your business off on the right foot and work closely with you to ensure your branding is a true representation of your business. This means going over all the details to make a cohesive image for your logo, working together on website design, social media graphics and images, and paper needs including business cards, invoices, and flyers, amongst other items.

Why Paperclip & Co?

Working with Paperclip and Co. ensures you get the best person to bring your vision to life. Andrea will work closely alongside you to create the best branding for your business. This means divulging into the history of your business, learning the story of what you do and how you came to be, and understanding where you are going and what your future goals are. She will work closely with you to fully understand your business in order to create branding that not only resonates with your business but with clients as well.

Andrea will be with you every step of the way from the initial choices of colours, fonts, and images, until the end of finalizing stationery, marketing material, web design, and social media. The story of your brand will become easily told with each element of your brand seamlessly working together.

Branding is a large representation of a business, and unfortunately many businesses end up hiding in the shadows due to poor or lack of branding. Don’t let your business be one of those. Instead, create branding that puts you on the forefront of other businesses and allow yourself to be seen instead of hidden. Create a lasting impression on clients with branding that clearly reveals your business goals, intentions, and abilities.

Are You Ready to take your brand to the next level?

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